The procedure of change grid format in MapWindow

MapWindow can change grid format. It’s fast. So, I’m curious how it’s complemented.

Based on the latest source code, following procedure is found.

The GisToolsPlugin add items to toolbox. When user double-clicks specific item, this plugin responds correspondingly. For “change grid formats”, the function mnuChangeGridFormats in Module GisTools is called. After user sets all the options in frmOutput window, the function in class MapWinGeoProc.DataManagement is called. In this function, the class grid in COM library MapWinGIS is used to do the real job.

It seems that the source code of MapWinGIS is not the latest one. It may use GDAL to change grid format now.

GDAL in MapWindow

GDAL is used in MapWinGIS. Following classes use GDAL.

  1. tkGridRaster: Generic grid wrapper class to allow MapWinGIs to utilize formats supported by GDAL
  2. tkRaster: tkRaster.h/cpp
  3. CUtils: Utils.h/cpp
  4. CGrid: Grid.h/cpp
  5. CImageClass: image.h/cpp, uses tkRaster

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