Save and Load Defined Stations in ECReader1.1

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Quick Download Link: ECReader ver 1.1

If working on a bunch of stations, you may want to save the list and load them later. There is no need to do define exactly the same stations twice. New functions has been added to ECReader1.1 to help save and load defined stations.


  • Save Defined Stations
  • Load Saved Stations
  • Automatically Save Stations

Save Defined Stations

A new button “Save as…” is added to “Define Stations” window to save defined stations. Once the stations are ready, click this button and give a file name. It’s done.

  • The stations is save as CSV file with the same format as ecstations.csv.
  • Please don’t edit the file to avoid any errors.
  • A default file name will be given in following format.

ECReader_Stations_[time stamp]

where time stamp is the time when the button is clicked.



Load Saved Stations

A new button “Load Saved Stations” is added to the main interface just after the “Define Stations…” button. Click this button and select the file just saved, the saved stations will be loaded and the number of stations loaded will be prompted. And it’s ready to download data for all these stations.

Automatically Save Stations

The defined stations would be saved automatically when the interface is closed. A file named ecstations_selected.csv would be saved to the user temp folder. This file would be loaded automatically when the interface is opened next time.


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