Single Document about Compiling and Debugging SWAT with GFortran and Eclipse

After several posts about compiling and debugging SWAT with GFortran and Eclipse, I think it would be good to compile all the posts into an single document as a guide on this topic. So I create a google doc here and would like invite all of you to give some comments.

5 thoughts on “Single Document about Compiling and Debugging SWAT with GFortran and Eclipse

  1. Hi Michael.

    I am using our manual to compiling and debugging the SWAT source code. I am following the steps described in the manual. However, I got this error:

    Error: ‘atri’ of module ‘parm’, imported at (1), is also the name of the current program unit
    make: *** [Makefile:1953: rel32/atri.o] Error 1

    I wonder if you could please give a hand to see if I can move forward.

    I appreciate your help.

    • Hi Juan,

      It seems to me that the naming of atri causes the problem. Try to check if you have a variable with that name.

      I haven’t work on that for years. Can’t really help you in a detail way.


      • Thanks for your reply Michael.

        Yes. There is a file named atri.f in the SWAT source code. So, I wonder why it creates an error if it comes from the original source code… I appreciate any help.

        Kind regards,

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