SWAT Output Viewer – Export Annual Result to CSV File

Some research focus on the nutrient load at the outlet. An annual load table would be helpful. With SWAT Output Viewer, the table could be exported to a CSV file.

The Export button is located in the toolbar besides the help button.

Export Annual Button

To export the annual TP load, select the most downstream reach in the reach view and select TOT_Pkg in the variable list.


Click the Export Annual button and select the destination folder, the annual data will be exported to a csv file. An example file is shown below.

Export Annual Result


6 thoughts on “SWAT Output Viewer – Export Annual Result to CSV File

  1. I have used the swat output viewer for displaying the outputs of my study The tool is very useful for presenting the results, but is there a possibility to do labeling, in the map as well as in charts?

    • Hi Ambili,

      Good to know you’re using the tool to present the results. That’s the major application of this tool.

      Although the labeling is not available in current version, it could be added in the next version. If you could specify how you want the result is labeled, it would be very helpful.

      If possible, could you please send some background about your project with some screenshots? So I could post on my blog to let more people know.


  2. Hi Michael,
    I import daily flow observations for several reaches, but the tool did not get the performance for all these locations. I got 3 for NSE, 4 for R2 and Bias. RMSE values are calculated for all Obs locations.


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