File Name Convention in ECReader1.1

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To make the data file easy to identify and meet the requirement of ArcSWAT, the file name convention is modified in ver 1.1.

  1. ArcSWAT 2009 dBase format and ArcSWAT 2012 ASCII format

Except for the file extension, these two format share same file name convention.

ArcSWAT 2009/2012 requires the file name no more than 8 chars. The data file is named as following.

Precipitation        P[station ID].dbf/.txt

Temperature        T[station ID].dbf/.txt


station ID is the ID of the station. If the length of station ID is less than 7 letters, 0 will be added to the left to make the file name has 8 letters including P or T.

Discussion: Another option is to use the first 7 letters of station name, which is easier to identify the station from the file name but prone to get same name from two different stations. Which option is better?


For station 4922, the data file will be P0004922.dbf/.txt and T0004922.dbf/.txt

For station 10936, the data file will be P0010936.dbf/.txt and T0010936.dbf/.txt

The gage location file is also generated with a fixed name.

Precipitation Gage     pcp.dbf/.txt

Temperature Gage     tmp.dbf/.txt

  1. Free Format Text and CSV

These two format share same file name convention.

[station name]_[province]_[start year]_[end year]


  • station name is the name of the station. If there are more than one words in the name, the space will be replaced as underscore.
  • province is the province of the station
  • start year is the bigger one of the starting year of the query time period and the starting year of available data. The purpose of these two format is usually for data analysis and No need to download data for years without data. This is also applied to end year.
  • end year is the smaller one of the end year of the query time period and the last year of available data. If the start year equals to end year, only start year will be used.


For station station GEORGETOWN WWTP located in Ontario,

  • if the query time period is from 1965 to 1965, the data file will be GEORGETOWN_WWTP_ONT_1965.txt/.csv
  • if the query time period is from 1965 to 1970, the data file will be GEORGETOWN_WWTP_ONT_1965_1970.txt/.csv