Uncompleted Data Bug Fixed, Please Update

Please follow my blog to get the latest updates on ECReader as soon as they are available.

After releasing ECReader (Environment Canada Climate Data Reader) , several users reports that the data of some years is uncompleted. It does start from Jan 1st but would end at any arbitrary day of that year, which will make the result files unusable. Since the program doesn’t check if the data is completed, the problem could be only found in manually data analysis. It’s a vital bug. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Good news is the bug has been fixed. It’s highly recommended to update your program and re-download your data. The new version is located in the same place as the previous version. Please click here to download.

Other minor changes are also added to this version and the structure of the package has changed. Some files are removed. It looks like this.

Other minor changes are list below.

  1. The program got an icon .
  2. No more DLLs. Only one executable file.
  3. Button is removed. Instead a help link is added.
  4. is added to select all data types for free format txt/csv.


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